"We Love To Have Fun, Bake and Enjoy Life. That is Why We Do What We Do."

About Us

    The Baker’s Hut has established as small scale home bakery business since year 2008.  Towards middle of year 2009, The Baker’s Hut has expanding its business and set up its first outlet in Setiawan.
    In early year 2013, The Baker’s Hut has officially set up and registered as The Baker’s Hut Sdn. Bhd.   Commonly know as TBH in Setiawan area !!

    TBH certified HALAL by JAKIM (Islamic Development Department of Malaysia).
    Our bakery specialized in Taiwanese and Japanese fusion bakery concept.  We customized cakes design for various celebration and events.
    All of our breads, cakes and pastries are baked fresh daily, using best quality and fresh ingredients.
    In May 2015, TBH first café is established with the objectives of providing best services to our customers by serving good quality, rich taste coffee, best taste of Western and Asian cuisine.

Our Vision

To be the leading bakery and pastries retail chain in Malaysia.

Our Mission

To Our Products

Quality bakery and pastries products made, by highly trained chefs, from high quality imported material.

To Our Clients

Personal attention to treat customers as close friends.

To Our Employees

To ensure better careers development and advancement in bakery industry.

Our Teams


Stanley Soo Cheng How

31-year-old Stanley Soo, regardless of appearance or talk, is still like a young man, showing good spirits and confidence, make people feel this young entrepreneur have many dreams that he chasing.

His motto is [With an idea, you must act.

As long as you have a dream in your heart, plan your future, and work hard, success will be yours.

He insist on “I want to provide best bread and cake for my fellow villagers.” So I make bread and cakes every day, and I also train my staff personally to ensure that they have good skills and ability, to make the best and freshest bread and cake for the guests.

今年只有31岁的苏势豪, 无论样貌或谈吐, 依旧像个年轻人一样, 表现青涩腼腆, 但语气中表现出的自信及追梦的信念, 可以让人感受到这名年轻创业者, 还有许多的梦想在追逐着。 

他的座右铭是 【 有了想法, 就一定要去行动。】

只要心中有梦, 策划未来,付出努力, 成功就属于你。

自身禀持着 “想把最好吃的面包及蛋糕, 做给家乡的同乡吃”, 所以每每亲自动手制作面包及蛋糕, 同时也亲自培训员工, 要确保员工们都有好手艺, 有能力做最好吃、最新鲜的面包及蛋糕给客人。

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